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CSS Masher

css-masher will analyse your css and remove unnecassary elements like comments and whitespace, without modify the meaning of your stylesheets.


css-masher.js can be used in your application or on it's own. You need nodejs installed to run it from the command-line.


npm install css-smasher

If you've checked out the Git repo to do development install development dependencies with:

cd css-smasher
npm install --dev


Once installed with npm css-masher runs from the command-line:

css-smash input.css

The css is written to stdout, so you may want to pipe it into a file:

css-smash input.css > output.css

You can also use the --outfile parameter:

css-smash --outfile output.css input.css

For full usage do:

 css-smash --usage

Running the tests

To run the tests you'll need to install the test dependencies (see Installation), then:

 cake spec