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This projects uses css-polyfills.js to generate an HTML and a CSS file from a HTML file and CSS file that contains CSS Rules not supported by browsers or reading systems.

Install and Run

You can install locally or globally (npm install -g css-bake). Installing globally will give you access to css-bake from the commandline.


Required args:

  • --input-html : existing HTML file to convert
  • --input-css : existing CSS file to convert
  • --output-html : new converted HTML file
  • --output-css : new converted CSS file (optional)


given the following HTML:

    <div class="wrapped">Hello World</div>

and CSS files:

.wrapped          { border: 10px solid black; }
.wrapped::outside { border: 10px solid green; }

Run the following:

css-bake --input-html ./test/test.html --input-css ./test/test.css --output-html ./output.html

and you should get the following output.html:

<html xmlns="">
    <span style="border:10px solid green;">
      <div class="wrapped" style="border:10px solid black;">Hello World</div>

You may also add an optional --output-css ./output.css which will place the styles in a CSS file instead of "baking" them into the style="..." attribute.

Then, output.html will be:

<html xmlns="">
    <span class="js-polyfill-autoclass-0-dot-wrapped-outside">
      <div class="wrapped">Hello World</div>

and output.css will be:

.wrapped {
  border: 10px solid black;
.js-polyfill-autoclass-0-dot-wrapped-outside {
  border: 10px solid green;

Bonus! Generate a Diff

To do this, you will need to:

  1. generate the old HTML file
  2. make some CSS/HTML changes
  3. regenerate the new HTML file
  4. generate the diff'd HTML file
  5. Open the diff'd HTML in a browser to see the changes

Let's use the example test file in ./test/test.html:

# Generate the **old** HTML file (the file extension is important)
css-bake -i ./test/test.html -c ./test/test.css -o ./old.xhtml

# Change `./test/test.css` by commenting out a line or two and save
# ...

# Generate the **new** HTML file
css-bake -i ./test/test.html -c ./test/test.css -o ./new.xhtml

# Generate the diff'd HTML file
# (the file extension on diff.xhtml is important if opened in a browser)
xsltproc --stringparam oldPath ./old.xhtml ./compare.xsl ./new.xhtml > ./diff.xhtml

# **Note:** The location of old.xhtml in the previous line is
# relative to compare.xsl and **not** the current working directory.