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CS 241 Register Test Script

Installation and Usage

npm i cs241-regtest
npx cs241-regtest [source] [testFile]
  • source is the path to the source file
  • testFile is the path to the test suite in JSON format

testFile format

The file specified by testFile is in JSON format with the following parameters:

  • preprocessor is a string specifying how a source file will be compiled into a machine-readable format. For CS 241, a MIPS assembly file may be translated with programs like cs241.wordasm or cs241.binasm. Any preprocessor must accept the file as redirected into the its stdin and out of its stdout, like cs241.wordasm < input rather than cs241.wordasm input.
  • destination is a string that specifies where the output of preprocessor will be redirected. A relative path wil be resolved from the current working directory, not the location of the test file. Avoid shell-specific expansions like ~ for the home directory. If preprocessor is specified but destination is not, the output of the preprocessor will be written to a file in the same directory as the source file with the same name as the file but without an extension. Be careful that the output program does not overwrite the source file in the case that the source file does not have an extension.
  • runtime is a string specifying the runtime environment of the executable. For CS 241, runtime environments that specify registers include mips.twoints, mips.array, etc. Runtime environments must accept executable file paths as command-line arguments, like mips.twoints executable rather than mips.twoints < executable.
  • tests is an object keyed with the names of all of the tests to be run on the program. A test has the following keys:
    • input is an array of what will be inputted to the program. For mips.twoints, it will be an array of two numbers. For mips.array, it will be the length of the array followed by its elements. No newline characters are necessary.
    • expected is an object keyed with numbers representing the registers to be verified. A test will fail if any of the specified registers' outputs do not match what is in the test case. If a register is not specified in expected, its result will not be checked.
    • error is a boolean that checks if an error is produced by the MIPS emulator. If it is set to true, an internal error like division by zero will be ignored by the tester.

Example programs and tests are given in the cs241-regtest repository.


npm i cs241-regtest

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