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CRYSTALS Kyber Typescript KEM

KYBER is an IND-CCA2-secure key encapsulation mechanism (KEM), whose security is based on the hardness of solving the learning-with-errors (LWE) problem over module lattices. The homepage for CRYSTALS Kyber can be found here (some information from this README is pulled directly from their site).

The initial creation of this code was a mix of the Java implementation of Kyber (version 3) and this Javascript implementation of Kyber (version 3).

Kyber has three different parameter sets: 512, 768, and 1024. Kyber-512 aims at security roughly equivalent to AES-128, Kyber-768 aims at security roughly equivalent to AES-192, and Kyber-1024 aims at security roughly equivalent to AES-256.

Integrating the Kyber KEM Library

KyberHandshake will handle all of the Kyber calls and hold all of the keys and associated cipher texts and shared secrets.

import {Kyber1024Handshake, Kyber512Handshake, Kyber768Handshake} from "crystals-kyber-ts";
const bobHandshake = new Kyber1024Handshake();

Example Use

The following code shows a basic Key Agreement between two parties.

* Generate 2 key agreements, one for Bob and one for Alice
const bobHandshake = new Kyber1024Handshake();
const aliceHandshake = new Kyber1024Handshake();

* Send Bob's public key to Alice and generate the Cipher Text and Shared Secret
const bobPublicKey: number[] = bobHandshake.publicKey;
const aliceCipherText: number[] = aliceHandshake.generateCipherTextAndSharedSecret(bobPublicKey);

* Send the cipher text generated from Bob's public key to Bob so that he
* can generate the same remote shared secret
const bobSharedSecret: number[] = bobHandshake.generateRemoteSharedSecret(aliceCipherText);


This library is available under the MIT License. The tests from the Java implementation have been converted to Typescript. The original test files are used as the main test source. Additional tests include AES encoding and decoding, a key agreement, and a massively multi-threaded key agreement test for good measure. The tests all pass, however please note that the code has not been examined by a third party for potential vulnerabilities.

Further Information

More details about CRYSTALS and the most secure ways to use it can be found here


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