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Public repository used by ViewBlock to display token information and compute score

How to use in your app

Thanks to our auto-updated CDN, you can add any chain and token icons in your app seamlessly using the following url:{key}/logo

The key accepts different formats chainSymbol, chainName, chainSymbol.tokenHash, for example:

<img src="" />
<img src="" />
<img src="" />

The CDN will automatically route to the right icon, SVG if existing or PNG fallback.

Another cool thing is our dark support. Let's say you have a dark theme, we have some icons specially made for this case. You simply need to add the ?t=dark query parameter:

<img src="" />

If the image has a dark alternative, that's what you will get otherwise it will fallback to the default one.


Param Type Required Points Notes
name String true
description String false A brief description of the project
symbol String true
web String false 5 Websites should use https
decimals Number false
supply Number false
email String false Email of the team
whitepaper String false 10 Whitepaper. Not 3 paragraphs you put in a PDF just for that purpose
holders Bool false 10 Only specify if more than 1000 holders without airdrops
publicTeam Bool false 20 Teams members with public verifiable profiles with history (preferably more than 1 one Linkedin)
product Bool false 30 Usable product on mainnet with decent activity/users + clear token utility + token activity
links.research String false 10 Either binance research, TokenData or the like
links.github String false 10 Org or account with repos related to the project, not an empty one with just the cryptometa fork for example
links.linkedin String false 10 Should have 1 or 2 members public on the page
links.twitter String false 5
links.coinmarketcap String false
links.coingecko String false
links.medium String false String false
links.telegram String false
links.discord String false
links.facebook String false
links.reddit String false String false
links.instagram String false
donations Object false { "ethereum": "0x...", "zilliqa": "zil1..."}

Upon disagreements as to which property a token has/deserves, remember that we ultimately have the final say in order to protect people as much as we can.




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