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Crypto LD (Linked Data) (crypto-ld)

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A Javascript library for cryptographic operations using Linked Data

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See also (related specs):

As a developer, in order to use this library, you will need to make the following decisions, constrained by your use case:

  1. Which key type and suite to use?
  2. What IDs will you give your keys? We recommend the following pattern: <did or url>#<key fingerprint>. (See Exporting Key Pair section below for an example of this.)
  3. (Not required, but highly recommended) What is your Private Key Storage strategy? (KMS, file system, secure wallet)

Supported Key Types

This library supports the following key types (used primarily for the purpose of digital signatures):

These key pairs can be used for general purpose digital signatures using the jsonld-signatures, signing of Verifiable Credentials using vc-js, and other purposes.

Additional key types are available (using the same API as this library) at the following repos:

Choosing Key Type

TODO: Add design considerations for choosing key types / cryptographic algorithms for various purposes. For now:

  • Use Ed25519 keys if you can
  • Use EcdsaSepc256k1 keys if you must (for example, if you're developing for a Bitcoin-based or Ethereum-based ledger)
  • You can use RSA keys to sign, if your use case requires it.
  • Use Curve25519 for key agreement protocols.

Private Key Storage

Where to store the private keys?

TODO: Add a brief discussion of where to store the private keys. Point to several recommended Wallet or KMS libraries.

Use await keyPair.export()


As with most security- and cryptography-related tools, the overall security of your system will largely depend on your design decisions.


  • Node.js 8.3+ required.
  • Node.js 10.12.0+ is highly recommended due to RSA key generation speed.

To install locally (for development):

git clone https://github.com/digitalbazaar/crypto-ld.git
cd crypto-ld
npm install


Generating a new key pair


const {Ed25519KeyPair} = require('crypto-ld');
const keyPair = await Ed25519KeyPair.generate();


const {RSAKeyPair} = require('crypto-ld');
const keyPair = await RSAKeyPair.generate();

Exporting a public/private key pair

const edKeyPair = await Ed25519KeyPair.generate();
edKeyPair.id = 'did:ex:123#' + edKeyPair.fingerprint();
console.log(await edKeyPair.export())
/* ->
  id: 'did:ex:123#z6MkumafR1duPR5FZgbVu8nzX3VyhULoXNpq9rpjhfaiMQmx',
  type: 'Ed25519VerificationKey2018',
  publicKeyBase58: 'GKKcpmPU3sanTBkoDZq9fwwysu4x7VaUTquosPchSBza',

Importing a key pair from storage

If you know what type of key you're expecting, use its appropriate class:

const serializedKeyPair = JSON.stringify(await keyPair.export());
// later
const keyPair = await Ed25519KeyPair.from(JSON.parse(serializedKeyPair));

If you do not know which key type to expect, LDKeyPair.from() will route based on type:

const {LDKeyPair} = require('crypto-ld');
// serializedKeyPair contains a serialized Ed25519KeyPair
const keyPair = await LDKeyPair.from(JSON.parse(serializedKeyPair));

API Documentation

See LD Key Pair Documentation

See Ed25519 Key Pair Documentation

See RSA Key Pair Documentation

See Type Documentation


See the contribute file!

PRs accepted.

If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for this library is available upon request from Digital Bazaar: support@digitalbazaar.com


New BSD License (3-clause) © Digital Bazaar


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