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    Command line cryptocurrency price ticker for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.


    Installation / Update

    Installation or update can be done via npm as a global package

    npm i -g crypticker


    Once installed globally, crypticker can be run as a binary

    Flag Type Description
    --no-history Disable history display
    --interval Integer Poll interval in milliseconds
    --markets String Comma separated list of markets
    --api-key String API key (optional)


    Markets and application preferences can be managed within options.json. If the package was installed globally, the installation directory (and corresponding options.json) file may be found with npm root -g. Application will prefer an options file named .crypticker located in the home directory (~) if one exists - this can be used to preserve options between updates.

    cp $(npm root -g)/crypticker/options.json ~/.crypticker may be used to create a local copy of the options file.

    Parameter Type Description Example
    apiKey String API key (optional) BYKU2QBYIQUE386W37BO
    pollInterval Integer Interval at which to poll API (in milliseconds) 30000
    padding Integer Number of spaces to use between display sections 8
    history Object Parameters around ticker history display
    history.enabled Boolean Toggles history display on and off true
    history.length Integer Number of ticks to display within readout 16
    history.hideAmount Boolean Toggles display of price changes on and off false
    history.minorThreshold Float Change percentage that must be exceeded to display a minor symbol 0.00
    history.majorThreshold Float Change percentage that must be exceeded to display a major symbol 0.20
    history.positiveMajorSymbol String Symbol to use for positive major trend "∙"
    history.positiveMinorSymbol String Symbol to use for positive minor trend "⋅"
    history.neutralSymbol String Symbol to use for no trend "⋅"
    history.negativeMinorSymbol String Symbol to use for negative minor trend "⋅"
    history.negativeMajorSymbol String Symbol to use for negative major trend "∙"
    markets Array List of markets to monitor ['coinbase-pro:eth/btc']

    Powered by the Cryptowatch public API. A listing of supported markets can be found here. A forward slash (/) should be used to split pairs within markets list (for example: coinbase-pro:link/eth in favor of coinbase-pro:linketh).


    npm i crypticker

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