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cruveejs: A Cruvee API Wrapper for NodeJS

Cruvee is an open-source approach to quality wine data provided by a flexible and powerful family of APIs.


NodeJS, Cruvee API Credentials


With npm:

npm install cruvee

Without npm:

  • Download/extract or git submodule this repo to a 'cruvee' folder whereever needed.
  • var cruvee = require('./cruvee/index');


First set your auth credentials:

cruvee.setAuth('appId', 'appSecret');

Then grab some wine data:

	lat: 38.950933,
	long: -122.723052,
	radius: 50
}, function(json_response) {

All the methods have 2 parameters. The first is an object to query Cruvee, the second is a callback function with the only param returned is the response in JSON.

APIs currently supported:

  • cruvee.varieties({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });
  • cruvee.regions({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });
  • cruvee.wineries({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });
  • cruvee.brands({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });
  • cruvee.wines({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });
  • cruvee.locations({}, function(json) { console.log(json); });


Please report any issues you have with the plugin to the issue tracker on github.


cruveejs is offered under an MIT license.


2011 Kyle Robinson Young, in association with Everflight, [](} If you found this release useful please let the author know! Follow on Twitter

Roadmap / Known Issues

  • When it fails, it fails poorly. Need to add some proper error handling.