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Package cruft removal.

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cruft tries to remove files from codebases that are not required in production such as documentation, tests and examples. This is potentially very dangerous, use with a high level of caution.

The primary usecase is for deploying to devices with constrained diskspace (e.g. NinjaBlocks) or bandwidth (e.g. Australia).


> cruft clear --help
  Usage: cruft-clear [options]
    -h, --help         output usage information
    -V, --version      output the version number
    -f, --file [file]  markdown file containing cruft definitions
    -v, --verbose      verbose output

Example Usage

> npm install -g cruft
> cd my-crufty-app
> cruft clear
  cruft before +0ms 82.11mb
  cruft after +15ms 31.46mb
  cruft 50.65mb of cruft cleared! +3ms
  cruft 61.68% reduction! +10ms

You'll be surprised how much cruft there is in your codebase. Try it and see!

Specifying Cruft

cruft uses dominictarr/rc for its configuration, so you can specify cruft in various ways, including a config.json file specified by --config. See dominictarr/rc for other ways to specify configuration. cruft's app-name is 'cruft'.

> cat config.json # __defaults apply to every module
"cruft": {
  "__defaults": ["test", "examples"],
  "some-module": ["images"]
> cruft clear --config config.json

By default, this will add to the default cruft listed below. To turn off the default cruft, use --noDefaultCruft:

# use cruft_cruft environment variable to specify a custom cruft pattern
# and --noDefaultCruft to disable default cruft patterns
> cruft_cruft="tests" cruft clear --noDefaultCruft

Identifying Cruft

cruft uses visionmedia/mdconf to get a list of default patterns to match straight from this readme. If you find a package that has additional cruft, or mistakenly identified cruft, submit a pull request to update the list in this readme.

Default Cruft

By default, the following content will be removed.

  • example
  • examples
  • test
  • tests
  • doc
  • man

Cruft Found

This is a list of npm packages and their cruft. If a package is found in this list when cruft is run, any listed content will be removed.

Entries starting with a bang will not be removed. e.g. override defaults in the case they remove something they should not.


  • images


  • images


  • !examples



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