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NodeJS module for USB crt-288-k001-heay card reader


Library will working with real device only on Windows


npm install crt-288-k001-heay


Usage example in file example.js

Start using:

var CRT_288_K001 = require('crt-288-k001-heay').CRT_288_K001;
var CRT_288_K001_errors = require('crt-288-k001-heay').Errors;

Reading card:

let CardReader = new CRT_288_K001(false);//true - for emulate real device
CardReader.on('log', (log) =>console.log('log: ', log));//Handle inner logs
CardReader.safeCardRead(function (err, res) {//callback calls after card pull out from reader
    console.log('safeCardRead result', err, res);//res contain all info about card
    Possible errors:
        internal_error: "Internal error",
        parameter_error: "Parameter Error",
        upload_error_data: "Upload error data",
        upload_timeout: "Upload timeout",
        upload_cancel: "Upload cancel",
        execution_error: "Execution error"

Stop reading card:

CardReader.safeCancelCardRead(function (err, res) {
    console.log('safeCancelCardRead result', err, res);
    Possible errors:
        internal_error: "Internal error"