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Crowi - The Simple & Powerful Communication Tool Based on Wiki


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Crowi is:

  • Easy to edit and share,
  • Markdown supported,
  • Useful timeline list view,
  • Fast.


Install dependencies and build CSS and JavaScript:

$ npm install

More info are here.


Don't use master branch because it is unstable but use released tag version expect when you want to contribute the project.


  • Node.js (6.x)
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch (optional) (Doc is here)
  • Redis (optional)
  • Amazon S3 (optional)
  • Google Project (optional)
  • Slack App (optional)

Start Up on Local

Crowi is designed setting up to Heroku or some PaaS, but you can start up Crowi with ENV parameter on your local.

$ PASSWORD_SEED=somesecretstring MONGO_URI=mongodb://username:password@localhost/crowi node app.js


  • PORT: Server port. default: 3000.
  • NODE_ENV: production OR development.
  • MONGO_URI: URI to connect MongoDB. This parameter is also by MONGOHQ_URL OR MONGOLAB_URI.
  • REDIS_URL: URI to connect Redis (to session store). This parameter is also by REDISTOGO_URL.
  • ELASTICSEARCH_URI: URI to connect Elasticearch.
  • PASSWORD_SEED: A password seed is used by password hash generator.
  • SECRET_TOKEN: A secret key for verifying the integrity of signed cookies.
  • FILE_UPLOAD: aws (default), local, none


  • The MIT License (MIT)
  • See LICENSE file.