Crosstalk Client Command Line Interface (CLI)


crosstalk-cli is a command-line interface for interacting with Crosstalk Swarm.

While Crosstalk is in the current alpha development stage, it's messages are being heavily logged for debugging purposes. If you create an account, please DO NOT provide a password that you cannot afford to make known to me.

Naturally, this will not be the case as Crosstalk matures.

Aside from the above consideration, your passwords are being securely one-way hashed using thousands of iterations of cryptographic one-way hash with individual and application-wide salt components.

npm install crosstalk-cli
cd crosstalk-cli
./bin/crosstalk --help

Crosstalk CLI
Valid commands are:

crosstalk signup
crosstalk activate
crosstalk account *
crosstalk login [ACCOUNT_NAME]
crosstalk logout
crosstalk version
crosstalk worker *

The * indicates nested commands. Typing crosstalk account or crosstalk worker will display help for commands. Furthermore, typing any command with --help flag, will display help information for that command.

After you login using crosstalk login [ACCOUNT_NAME] the Crosstalk session token will be saved in your configuration file config/config.json under field crosstalkToken. When you logout via crosstalk logout, the token will be deleted.