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Crossmon-npmstat is a statistic gattering module for crossmon-collect.



If you have installed crossmon-collect globally you can run:

npm install crossmon-npmstat -g

If you have only a local installation of the gattering serivce run:

npm install crossmon-npmstat

After that you can configure the module by:

crossmon-collect enable crossmon-npmstat
crossmon-collect setup crossmon-npmstat

If you have done so, let's check if it works:

crossmon-collect test crossmon-npmstat

If no error messages occur and you see an JSON-Array of Items like:

{ program: 'npmstat',
    tag: 'crossmon-collect',
    time: 1384819200000,
    value: 6 

All is done. You can restart the gattering serivce by:

crossmon-collect restart