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Fast lane for adding wdi5 for e2e tests to your UI5 application


$> cd your/ui5/app
# for JavaScript projects:
$> npm init wdi5@latest
# for TypeScript projects:
$> npm init wdi5@latest -- --ts

Or, if you are working with yarn

$> yarn create wdi5@latest
$> yarn create wdi5@latest -- --ts

Or, if you are working with pnpm

$> pnpm create wdi5@latest
$> pnpm create wdi5@latest -- --ts

Note that this quickstart command is suited as a complimentary tool to yo easy-ui5!

How it works

The initializer will…

for JavaScript for TypeScript
install wdi5 and all required WebdriverIO peer dependencies (← same)
assume that you're running the UI5 app with the ui5-tooling on port 8080 (← same)
- add a config file (wdio.conf.js) info $ui5-app/webapp/test/e2e/
- assume that your tests are in $ui5-app/webapp/test/e2e/**/* and follow the name pattern *.test.js
- add the wdi5 config file (wdio.conf.ts) and a TypeScript config file (tsconfig.json ) to $ui5-app/webapp/test/e2e/
- assume that your tests are in $ui5-app/webapp/test/e2e/**/* and follow the name pattern *.test.ts
set an npm script named "wdi5" to run wdi5
so you can immediately do npm run wdi5
(← same)

Note that this is a minimal install for running wdi5

  • locally
  • with Chrome as target browser
  • plain JavaScript as notation
  • mocha as the syntax for tests
  • spec as the output format of the test results

The wdi5 config is already prepared for

  • --headless: runs Chrome in headless mode (npm run wdi5 -- --headless)
  • --debug: extends test timeouts and auto-opens Chrome's developer tools pane (npm run wdi5 -- --debug)

Supported Options

You can pass the following optional flags to modify the quickstart of wdi5:

  • --configPath <path to config> custom path where your config file (wdio.conf.(j|t)s) should be created
  • --specs <path to specs> custom path where your specs files are located
  • --baseUrl <application url> custom url to your application

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