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Create upstart and monit configuration files for your nodejs applications install globally using you may need sudo

npm install create-upstart-monit -g

Then go to the application you want to generate upstart and monit files

ubuntu@hostname:/opt$ cd home-monitor/cloud-cordinator/
ubuntu@hostname:/opt/home-monitor/cloud-cordinator$ create-upstart-monit -p 3003
upstart file written to
monit file written to
Upstart and Monit file generator for nodejs

You can then move them over to /etc/init/ and /etc/monit/conf.d/ yourself.

ubuntu@hostname:/opt/home-monitor/cloud-cordinator$ sudo cp .deployscripts/xbeecloudcordinator.conf /etc/init/
ubuntu@hostname:/opt/home-monitor/cloud-cordinator$ sudo cp .deployscripts/xbeecloudcordinator.monit.conf /etc/monit/conf.d/

Then you start your service with something like

ubuntu@hostname:/opt/$sudo start xbeecloudcordinator

Or you can do it through monit.

The application uses information from package.json. The name of the package will be the service name so be sure its unique.