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The TestCafe team no longer maintains the create-testcafe repository. If you want to take over the project, we'll be happy to hand it over. To contact the team, create a new GitHub issue.


Use create-testcafe to initialize a new TestCafe project, or add TestCafe to an existing Node.js project.

create-testcafe in action

Launch commands

# npx
npx create-testcafe
# yarn
yarn create testcafe
# pnpm
pnpm create testcafe

See the use npm init section for information on npm init support.

Specify project name and location

To specify the name and location of the target folder, pass a valid path (relative or absolute) to the create-testcafe command:

# npx
npx create-testcafe appName
# yarn
yarn create testcafe appName
# pnpm
pnpm create testcafe appName


The npm init command handles options differently from other launch commands. See the use npm init section for more information.

Option Description Value Default value
--run-wizard, -w Launch the interactive wizard Boolean true if the target folder is a Node.js project
--template Project template javascript or typescript typescript if the project directory includes a .tsconfig.json file.
--test-folder Test subfolder path Valid relative path test
--include-sample-tests Add sample tests to the project Boolean true
--github-actions-init Add a GitHub Actions workflow file to the project Boolean true

Use npm init

You can launch create-testcafe with npm init:

npm init testcafe@latest

The npm init command handles options and arguments differently from other launch commands. The precise syntax of npm init depends on your Node.js version. We strongly recommend you use the npx command to pass additional parameters.

Run the development version of create-testcafe

To run the development version of create-testcafe, clone the GitHub repository and build the project from source.

When the build is complete, you can run create-testcafe with the node command, or install the development version as a package.

Build the project from source

npm i

npm run fast-build

Run create-testcafe with the node command

Build the project and execute the following command:

node dist/bin.js ...args

Install as a package

Follow the instructions in the build section before you install the package.

npm i -g

create-testcafe ...args




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