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Plan Starterkit for Plan Client

Welcome to the Plan Starterkit for Plan Client. It generates Plan Client with single command! Enjoy!

How to generate

simply run following command lines to start.

yarn start

Then it will ask you to select which Plan Starterkit you would like to generate, server or client.

? [PLOP] Please choose a generator. (Use arrow keys)
❯ Plan-Starterkit-Client - Generate new Plan-Starterkit-Client

If you choose to generate Plan-Starterkit-Client

If you choose to generate Plan-Starterkit-Client, it will ask you following information. Press enter if you would like to accept default:

  1. Name of server (default: Plan-Starterkit-Client)
  2. Port number (default: 3000)
  3. Path you would like to generate to (default: /output)

That's it! It will generate new Plan Client!