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    Create React Thing

    Create rich boilerplate for React libraries with ease.

    Quick start

    Get started by running:

    npx create-react-thing

    This will ask you a few questions and then set up your React library boilerplate in a subfolder matching the npm package name you specify.

    You can optionally specify the npm package name as a command line argument when running Create React Thing:

    npx create-react-thing my-thing

    Or for a scoped package:

    npx create-react-thing @my-scope/my-thing

    What can I use it for?

    Create React Thing’s boilerplate is meant for React libraries you would typically publish to the npm registry, for example:

    • a single React component
    • a React component library
    • a single React custom hook
    • a React custom hooks library

    What’s included?

    Your environment will have many tools to help you build modern React libraries:

    • React, and JSX syntax support with Babel

    • handy React utilities like PropTypes and Classnames

    • Storybook, with various add-ons installed and structural snapshot testing capabilities configured

    • Jest and React Testing Library for running unit and integration tests, generating test coverage reports, and a beautiful browser-based UI for your test runner via Majestic

    • ESLint and StyleLint configured for code consistency and many good practices

    • Alex to catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing in your documentation

    • a build script based on Webpack to prepare your library to be published to the npm registry

    • hassle-free interactive updates for dependencies via npm-check


    If something doesn’t work, please file an issue.

    If you have questions, need help, or would like to contribute, please reach out at


    Create React Thing is licensed under MIT.


    npm i create-react-thing

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