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    Create New CLI

    CLI Project Generator

    With the rise in the popularity of projects like Create React App, Angular CLI, and Ionic CLI, as well as the productivity these clis bring to the table, there should be an easy way for developers to create their own CLI using boilerplates and also to introduce them to the world of CLI creation.

    This project will allow developers to easily and quickly create CLIs that give them the most basic functionality in just a few seconds, and publish their projects to npm for users to install and start using right away.

    Check out this video walkthrough that will show you how to create a new CLI using create-new-cli

    To create and publish your own CLI:

    1. Install create-new-cli globally
    npm i -g create-new-cli
    1. Create a new cli following the commmand prompts by running the create-new-cli command
    In the above step, we will create a name and a command for our cli. The name will be the folder created for our project, and the command will be what the application is registered as in the npm registry, which will be the name field in our newly created package.json.
    We will reference these two items as <YourProjectName> and <your-project-command> in the following steps.
    1. CD into newly created project directory
    cd <YourProjectName>
    1. Publish to npm
    npm publish
    1. Install new cli globally on your own machine
    npm i -g <your-project-command>
    1. Create new application using your new CLI
    <your-project-command> MyAppName




    npm i create-new-cli

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