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The easiest way to get started with a Liveblocks starter kit or example.

Get started

You can create a new Liveblocks project using the following command:

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest

The initial prompt allows you to set up one of the following:

  1. Next.js Starter kit—Our official starter kit for Next.js
  2. An example from the Liveblocks repo—Any example from liveblocks/liveblocks

From there, follow the instructions to set up your app! You can also use the CLI to generate a liveblocks.config.(js|ts) config file.

Flags (optional)

If you wish, you can skip certain create-liveblocks-app prompts with the following flags. Please note that these are optional, and if no flags are used, you will be prompted about these options in the installer instead.

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest [options]


  Generate a liveblocks.config.(js|ts) file in the current directory

  --framework [`react`|`javascript`]
  The framework your config file uses. Option only for `--init`.
  e.g. `--framework react`

  Use the Next.js Starter Kit

  --example [example name]
  Use a Liveblocks example, the name corresponding to the example name in the repo
  e.g. `--example zustand-whiteboard` for

  --name [repo name]
  The name of the project/directory
  e.g. `--name my-liveblocks-project`

  --package-manager [`npm`|`yarn`|`pnpm`]
  Select your package manager, default is `npm`
  e.g `--package-manager yarn`

  --auth [`demo`|`github`|`auth0`]
  Select your authentication method. Option only for Next.js Starter Kit.
  e.g. `--auth github`

  Install the project with the selected package manager

  Don't install the project

  Initialize git

  Don't initialize git

  Deploy on Vercel, and get Liveblocks API key

  Don't deploy on Vercel

  Get Liveblocks API key. Ignored if `--vercel` is used.

  Don't get Liveblocks API key. Ignored if `--vercel` is used.

  Open browser without asking permission, when deploying to Vercel or getting API key

  Upgrade all Liveblocks packages to their latest version.

  Find more info


Next.js Starter Kit with no install:

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest --next --no-install

Example from Liveblocks repo with directory/project name specified:

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest --example nextjs-live-avatars --name my-liveblocks-app

Next.js Starter Kit with every option:

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest --next --name my-project --auth github --package-manager npm --install --git  --vercel --open

Generate a Liveblocks config file:

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest --init

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