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Create-ghost-theme cli helps to provide a boilerplate theme for the developer. Then, developers quickly start working with a ghost theme. Create-ghost-theme cli official supports the tailwind CSS by default in your theme.

How to use create-ghost-theme cli?

With Create-ghost-theme cli, you quickly start working with ghost theme development with one command.


  1. Install create-ghost-theme cli and create the theme
  2. Run ghost and tailwind server

Install create-ghost-theme cli and create the theme

Install ghost theme cli in two ways.

  1. install ghost-theme cli globally
  2. install with npx ( recommended )

install ghost-theme cli globally

You can install ghost theme cli globally and then run the create-ghost-theme command to create a theme.

// install cli globally
npm install -g create-ghost-theme

// create a ghost theme

install with npx

You do not need to install ghost theme cli globally. With the npx command, you easily install create-ghost-theme cli and create a theme with one command.

// install and create theme
npx create-ghost-theme // recommended 

Run ghost and tailwind server

After successfully installing the theme, you must run a separate server with postcss and tailwind CSS to compress and create an optimised CSS file for production. npm run start.

How many arguments are supported by ghost theme-cli?

Run the create-ghost-theme --help command in your terminal or shell to read all available commands.

report bugs

If you face any bugs, feel free to Submit us

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