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The create-enmapi-app tool is intended to be an easy to use project and component generator for the enmapi framework


  1. create-enmapi-app <project_name>
    • creates a new project directory with the project name
    • generates a package.json
    • installs the enmapi npm package
    • creates an index.js with the necessary import, config, and startup commands.
  2. create-enmapi-app -c <component_name> [options]
    • component files can be specified with options (routes, schema, services)
    • creates a new directory with the component name
    • adds scaffolded files
  3. create-enmapi-app -t {component_name}
    • searches the component template repository for the component specified
    • clones the component into the project directory


create-enmapi-app [component flags] <app or component name> [options]

App or component name is required

If no component flags are specified, a new app will be created

Component Flags (optional):
  -c      Create new component
  -t      Create component from specified template

Options (optional):
  If options are specified, only the specified component files will be created
  If no options are specified, all component files will be created
  -schema       Create component schema file
  -routes       Create component routes and controllers files
  -services     Create component services file