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Create Cycle App Flavors


Flavors allow generating starting projects to fulfil specific needs. They can be published to npm, or being used locally via the create-cycle-app CLI.

When creating a project, you can inform which flavor you want to use with the --flavor flag:

$ create-cycle-app <name> --flavor <flavor>

Some examples of how a flavor could be specified:

$ create-cycle-app my-app --flavor cycle-scripts-one-fits-all

$ create-cycle-app my-app --flavor cycle-scripts-one-fits-all@x.y.z

$ create-cycle-app my-app --flavor path/to/cycle-scripts-one-fits-all

Available Flavors

Flavor Language Bundler CLI compatibility Status
cycle-scripts-one-fits-all TypeScript or ES6 Webpack2 v3 ✅ Active
cycle-scripts-ts-webpack TypeScript Webpack1 v2 🙅‍♂ Deprecated
cycle-scripts-ts-browserify TypeScript Browserify v2 🙅‍♂ Deprecated
cycle-scripts-es-browserify ES6 Browserify v2 🙅‍♂ Deprecated

How to create a custom flavor

A flavor is a npm module with a set of scripts and template files that are used to configure a new Cycle.js project.

Take a look at cycle-scripts as an example.

Basic structure

├── index.js
├── package.json
├── scripts
│   ├── build.js
│   ├── init.js
│   ├── start.js
│   ├── eject.js
│   └── test.js
└── template
    ├── gitignore
    ├── public
    │   ├── favicon.ico
    │   └── index.html
    └── src
        ├── app.js
        ├── app.test.js
        └── index.js

4 directories, 13 files

package.json is used to declare dependencies for this particular flavor, that acts as devDependencies to the target project. It declares the cycle-scripts command script (generally index.js), from where each underlying scripts is called.

index.js is the entry point for each command exposed to the target project. It could be really simple, just calling the next script file without ceremony.

scripts/ directory holds each script used in the project. The start.js script is used to start a development server. test.js, as the name suggests, call the test tool. build.js is used to bundle the target project to a deliverable set of files, production-ready. eject.js is mostly a copy-and-paste tool, that adapts the target project to reproduce the same commands from the flavor. Last, but not least, init.js is the script called by create-cycle-app command, in order to install development dependencies and copy initial files.

templates/ directory holds template files for the target project. This is optional, and unlike other files, could have any structure you desire.

Each flavor has great freedom to choose it's own dependencies, configuration, tools and file structure, as the user will choose which is the best (desired) flavor.




npm i create-cycle-app-flavors

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