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Croquet Microverse is a framework to build multiplayer immersive 3D virtual worlds on the web. It is built on the Croquet OS and the Worldcore framework. Please refer to for more information.

This utility create-croquet-microverse allows you to set up a minimum working installation by simply running the following in an empty directory:

 npm create croquet-microverse@latest

The process runs npm install, copies some files into the top-level directory to set things up.

You then run

 npm start

. You can now point a web browser to localhost:9684 to open the world.

When you would like to update the microverse-library to a new version (or check out an old version), you run (for example):

npm install @croquet/microverse-library@0.1.16


A typical workflow is to modify the default world file worlds/default.js, and add behavior files to expand the world. You can add more asset files in the assets directory, or use the Croquet DataId to refer to more assets from your world.


You need to obtain your Croquet API Key from, create a file called apiKey.js and edit the two properties called apiKey and appId in the apiKey.js file.

const apiKey = "paste your apiKey from";
const appId = "type your own appId such as com.example.david.mymicroverse";
export default {apiKey, appId};

You can copy all files in behaviors, assets, lib, meta, and worlds along with index.html and apiKey.js to your publicly accessible HTTP server to have your own deployment. You can also use a hosting services such as Netlify and Vercel, which let you connect your GitHub repository to automate deployment. Note that the auto generated default apiKey for your Croquet account allows anybody to use it from any site. In order to protect your API key from unauthorized use, you should create a new apiKey with URL restriction limited to your site.


The source code and assets in this repository are licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Copyright (c) 2022 Croquet Corporation


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