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create-cloudflare-worker create-cloudflare-worker

A Starter Kit for Building a Cloudflare Worker

Creating an App

To create a new worker with create-cloudflare-worker, run the following

npm init cloudflare-worker your-worker-name

or, with npx

npx create-cloudflare-worker your-worker-name

Once the installation is done, you can open your project folder:

cd my-app

Building and testing your new worker

To build the worker, run

npm run build

This outputs the worker as dist/main.js.

To continually build the worker on every change, run

npm run watch

And finally, to execute the integration and unit tests, run

npm test

Running the worker locally

To run the worker locally, run

npm start

This will start the worker on port 4000, and forward all requests to the upstream server at http://localhost:3000. This will allow you to develop your application in tandem with the worker that will front the application.


This project may be used to deploy your newly built worker to cloudflare as follows:

CF_ACCOUNT=acct-id CF_WORKER_NAME=worker-name CF_AUTH_KEY=auth-key npm run deploy

However, you may also just copy dist/main.js and paste it into the CF worker dashboard (or even terraform it)


We will add recipes here

  • Building a API service with react-router
  • Parsing Cookies

Adding a Key Value Store

This project can also mock an in memory KV Store. This can be done as follows

  • Add the kv store (ex: MYSTORE) to the list of global variables of the worker
  • When running the worker, start the worker with the KV_NAMESPACES as follows KV_NAMESPACES=MYSTORE,OTHER_STORE npm start
  • In tests, namespaces can be created as an option to createTestApp as follows: const app = createTestApp(workerContents, upstreamApp, { kvStores: ["MYSTORE"] }). The new store can be accessed in tests as follows: await app.stores.MYSTORE.put("key", "value"). await app.stores.MYSTORE.get("key")

When you are ready to deploy your new worker with a KV:

  • run curl to create the worker namespace (this should only be done once)
# If this fails, contact support 
curl "$CF_ACCOUNT/workers/namespaces" \
  -X POST \
  -H "X-Auth-Email: $CF_EMAIL" \
  -H "X-Auth-Key: $AUTH_KEY" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data '{"title": "your-namespace"}'
# {"result":{"id": "<some-id>","title":"your-namespace"}} 
  • Bind this namespace in the deploy script in package.json. Find the bindings section in the deploy script, and replace it with something like this
  • Finally, run your deploy script with the MYSTORE_ID variable set to the id returned by the curl command.


  • Fork this Repo first
  • Clone your Repo
  • Install dependencies by $ npm install
  • Checkout a feature branch
  • Feel free to add your features
  • Make sure your features are fully tested
  • Publish your local branch, Open a pull request
  • Enjoy hacking <3


This work is licensed under the ISC license.


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