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Build status crawler

A node.js crawler support custom plugin to implement special crawl rules. Implement plugin example for crawl discus2x.

Finished Features

  • Crawl site;
  • Filter: include/exclude URL path of the site.
  • Plugin: discuz2.0 attachments,discuz2.0 filter.
  • Queue and Crawl status.
  • Update mode.
  • Support wget cookies config. You can export site cookie use Cookie exporter.
  • Use jsdom and jQuery to get needed resources of crawled page.
  • gbk to utf-8 convert.

Feature List:reference:

  • Support request.pipe, crawl site all in stream.pip mode.
  • Basic crawl site;
  • Proxy support;
  • Need Login?cookie auth;update and save cookie data;
    • form login?
    • support cookie
    • Browser UserAgent setting.
    • Multi-proxy support
  • Monitor:disk usage? total pages count, crawled count,crawling count,speed,memory usage,failed list;
  • CP:Monitor viewer; start/pause/stop crawler; failed/retry; change config;
  • gzip/deflate: 5 times speedup;’accept-encoding’
  • Multi-workers/Async


npm install crawlit ##Usage Basic usage:

//Add basic config
//Override config in your own config `./config/config.local.js`
//Override config too
config.crawlOption.working_root_path: 'run/crawler';
config.crawlOption.resourceParser: require('./lib/plugins/discuz');
var crawlIt = require('crawlit').domCrawler;
//start crawl
//Add other crawl interface

More Example

see QiCai Crawl Example