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    A Promise-based utility which scrapes and parses the contents of LottieFiles HTML pages to retrieve asset information.

    🚀 Installing

    Using npm:

    npm install crawl-lottie-files

    Using yarn:

    yarn add crawl-lottie-files

    📚 Example

    Returning the list of featured Lottie Animations:

    import LottieCrawler from 'crawl-lottie-files';
    new LottieCrawler()
      .then((crawler) => crawler.crawl(
      .then((featuredAnimations) => {
        // ...

    Perfoming a paginated search:

    import LottieCrawler from 'crawl-lottie-files';
    new LottieCrawler()
      .then((crawler) => crawler.crawl(
          query: 'loading',
          page: 3,
      .then((results) => {
        // results is an array of matching animations
        // from the third page of results

    Perform consecutive requests:

    import LottieCrawler from 'crawl-lottie-files';
    new LottieCrawler()
      .then((crawler) => {
        return Promise.resolve()
          .then(() => crawler.crawl(
          .then(() => crawler.crawl(
          .then(() => crawler.crawl(

    🎉 Response

    The response object is a JSON array whose elements are the content-agnostic merger of unique HTML attributes used to present the Lottie Animation. This is constructed using a recursive algorithm which tries to traverse the DOM tree to find relevant information about the file to support artist attribution. This approach aims to provide, at the very least, the raw asset required to initialize a Lottie Animation.

      "class":"block rounded-t-lg border-b border-grey-lighter pt-1 pb-0 relative",

    Since any changes on the frontend can disrupt data collection, this implementation serves to be the most resistant to change; however future frontend changes have the potential to interfere with any of the following keys:

    ["href", "title", "class", "style", "text", "src", "alt"]

    NOTE: crawl-lottie-files is heavily dependent on a known structure of the LottieFiles DOM. Whenever the frontend changes, this tool will need to be updated.

    😍 Usage

    LottieFiles is an awesome utility that benefits everybody, so we should treat it with respect. It is vital that this tool is used responsibly.

    You must not:

    • Misrepresent the host of the files.
    • Query at speeds which exceed a manual browsing session.

    You must:

    • Ensure the artists are credited.
    • Do your best to promote Lottie as much as you can!

    🎁 Credits

    crawl-lottie-files was made possible by axios and node-html-parser. An extra special thank you to the Lottie Animations Team at Airbnb for their revolutionary and open approach towards enriching user experience.

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