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    CRA - to - Nx

    This package will turn your React app into an Nx workspace. To use this package, your React app must have been generated and kept the structure of Create-React-App, with files generated either in js/jsx or ts/tsx.

    This tool follows the steps described in this migration guide, with some enhancements.

    It will, essentially, generate a new Nx workspace, and then place your existing CRA React app in the apps directory of the Nx workspace, while configuring the Nx workspace as needed.

    Before starting

    As this package will change your folder structure and edit some of your files, you must commit any local changes you have, to start with clean history. In any case, to protect you, the package will exit if there are local uncommited changes.

    How to use

    Go to your CRA React app directory and run the following command:

    npx cra-to-nx

    Then just sit back and wait. After a while you will be able to take advantage of the full magic of Nx.

    Ok, it's done, what do I do now?

    Run, build, lint, test

    You can try the following commands:

    nx serve your-app-name
    nx build your-app-name
    nx lint your-app-name
    nx test your-app-name

    Generate code

    Take a look at this guide

    Or just try generating a library:

    nx generate lib ui-button

    Courses, guides, docs

    So, now I just have my React app in a monorepo?

    No. You have your React app in an Nx workspace. So you also have the full power of Nx tools. You can watch this 10-minute quick overview if you want to know more.




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