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Create React App Microfrontend

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After create-react app, you need to configure your package.json to define project scope. To do this, change the name on scope in package.json. To grant render cache techniques, check all scopes in all projects.

This name must be equal for all microfrontends under the same orchestrator

  "scope": "mfscope" // micro-frontend-scope


To start development server, run:

yarn start

If you need to check css dev errors, run in two different terminals:

# on first terminal
yarn css
# on second terminal
yarn react

Hard to find bugs? Try this debugging methods:

  • VsCode
  • Manual debugging: add debugger on your code and open browser Dev Tools


Just run this command:

yarn build #apply GENERATE_SOURCEMAP=false INLINE_RUNTIME_CHUNK=false to react-scripts


All available scripts

yarn css

Start postcss in watch mode to observe all mutation on src/styles/css/index.css file or nested imports. Generate a new stylesheet in src/styles/css/dist.css.

yarn css:prod

Build all css to production mode, using postcss and flag NODE_ENV=production.

yarn react

Starts react development server with fast refresh.

yarn start

Apply yarn css and runs yarn react with concurrently.

yarn build

Compile CSS and JS in production mode, using a custom webpack config to work with render. This script doesn't generate SOURCE_MAP files and inline javascripts.

yarn build:source-map

Build only Javascript and current CSS stylesheet, but generate sourcemaps to analyze bundle size.


My bundle size is too big. Help Me!!!:

First, this project already use code splitting by default. Check your imports on src/routes/index.tsx and remember, all components loaded by React.lazy must be export as default. If your bundle size is still large even with code splitting, try using analyze to identify large libraries in your project.

yarn build:source-map
yarn analyze

I don't like fast refresh, how to disable?

Assign FAST_REFRESH=false before run start or react: FAST_REFRESH=false yarn start

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