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Welcome to Jimmy's Custom Template, Bushido Lite!

This is the Bushido package without the redux setup.

How To Install


yarn create react-app <app-name> --template bushido-lite


npm init react-app <app-name> --template bushido-lite


npx create-react-app <app-name> --template bushido-lite


If create-react-app is installed globally on your computer you can use this command:

create-react -app <app-name> --template bushido-lite

Just like regular create-react-app but so much more. This template includes:

  • @callstack/react-theme-provider
  • bushido-strap
  • react-router
  • react-router-dom
  • serve
  • webfontloader

There is also a serve script that let's your run serve -s build and a build-and-serve script that runs npm run build && npm run serve.

This is based off the bushido template I created. Only it's without redux and axios hooked up. So if your working on a simple site that doesn't need to make API calls or use Redux for a global state, this is the template you want to use.

Routes are set in App.js and all components for routes are built in components folder.


What is bushido-strap? Well, friend, it is a personal style library I create. It's just a bunch of nifty little styled components I've slowly crafted over time. Learning from my peers has probably been the greatest contribution to this project! It's already set up in this template, so check it out! Here's the documentation, so you can to see everything this modest style library has to offer!

Using Google Fonts

WebFontLoader is used for this. Although, they do more than just load Google fonts efficiently. Check out their documentation here!.

In the App.js you will see:

// Using Web Font Loader for google fonts
import WebFont from "webfontloader";
// setting our font variables
const h_font = "Comfortaa";
const r_font = "Montserrat";
// using WebFont to easily access Google fonts
  google: {
    families: [h_font, r_font],
export default function App() {
  return (
    <AppWrapper head_font={h_font} font={r_font}>
      <Route path="/" exact component={Dashboard} />
      <Route path="/counter" component={ReduxCounter} />

All you need to do is add any Google font name to the h_font variable to change the heading (h1-h6) font for the whole site and add change the r_font variable to change the font for everything else.

Adding A Custom Theme

React Theme Provider is set up so you can edit bushido-strap theme's or add your own to use! Just add a theme prop in the ThemeProvider in src/index.js and pass in your custom theme object. You can then import the useTheme hook from your scr/index.js and set const theme = useTheme(); in your component and you can freely access any of your theme variables by simply accessing your theme variable: color={theme.myCustomColor}.


Create a theme.js file in your src folder:

const theme = {
  myColorOne: "red",
  myColorTwo: "blue",
  // if you want to override bushido strap values just reassign them here
  gray0: "black",
export default theme;

Add your custom theme object to your src/index.js:

import theme from "./theme";

Now pass that theme to your ThemeProvider:

  <Provider store={store}>
      <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
        <App />

And now you can access both your and bushido-strap's theme objects by importing the useTheme hook from scr/index.js. Any overrides in your theme object will be favored over bushido-strap's theme. 👌

If you don't set up your own custom theme you can just import theme from "bushido-strap/styled/theme and use the default theme.

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