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Channel queue with Promises


cqueue is a Channel queue for holding a msg/value until it's taken. Promises are used for concurrent operations against the queue.

Put something in the queue, and then take it at some point in the future. The queue can only hold one value, and the response will indicate what your machine should do, i.e. "continue" or "pause".

const cqueue = require("cqueue");
let chan = cqueue();
function handle (arg) {
    console.log(arg[1] || "empty");
chan.take().then(handle); // "empty" 
chan.put("hello world");
chan.take().then(handle); // "hello world" 

Array which can hold 1 value

Puts an item into the Channel, and the Promise receives an Array

method put
param  {Mixed} arg Item
return {Object}    Promise
chan.put(arg).then(function(state) {
if (state[0] === "continue") {
// arg was added to the channel 
} else {
// arg is not in the channel 

Takes an item from the Channel, and the Promise receives an Array

method take
return {Object} Promise
chan.take().then(function(state) {
if (state[0] === "continue") {
// state[1] was taken from the channel 
} else {
// state[1] is null 

Copyright (c) 2015 Jason Mulligan Licensed under the BSD-3 license.