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    Cpr-mask is a React component for making masked inputs with the ability to switch between masks. For example, if you have a phone number and want the value masked like this (801) 777-8776 But once the value's length is more than 10 you want it to be 8-01777877611 or something Cpr-mask can do that for you.

    Cpr-mask can also be used to make an input that only allows characters that match a regular expression.



    		pattern: "(111) 111-1111",
    		condition: value => value.length <= 10
    		pattern: "1-111111111111",
    		condition: value => value.length > 10

    The main prop. It's an array of mask objects. Each mask object has a pattern and a condition. The pattern represents how the value will appear in the input. They are made of masked characters and placeholder characters. Placeholder characters are either 1, A, W, or *. - 1 Any number can go into this slot. - A Letters a-z. - W Numbers or Letters. - * Anything A mask pattern of (1)-A-*-WWW could accept the value of "5Z$1AB".

    The condition property is what determines what mask is currently displayed. It's a function that takes the input's non-masked value as an argument, and expects true/false as the return. The condition functions are run in order of the array and the first to return true will be used.

    Incompatible Masks

    It's possible to give cpr-mask two or masks that would conflict with each other. An example would be.

    		pattern: "AA-AA",
    		condition: value => value.length < 5
    		pattern: "11-111",
    		condition: value => value >= 5

    This wouldn't work because "abcd" is okay with the first mask but once you type in "abcde" and it would try to switch those would be invalid characters. Cpr-mask will throw a Incompatible masks error in cases like these.

    Encoding and Decoding cpr-mask value

    Cpr-mask gives you the ability to encode and decode values coming from and going to the input. Encode is a function that will be run with the initialValue prop before cpr-mask attempts to mask the value. Decode is a function that is just run onBlur for the value coming out of cpr-mask. Both function were written for Canopy convenience can the same effect can be acheived other ways.

    Cpr-mask props

    The majority of the props concern how the cpr-mask component is styled.

    • className: The outermost class of cpr-mask
    • inputClass: The css class given to the input field
    • validateMethod: A function run on the non-masked value to see if the invalidClass should be applied or not
    • invalidClass: The class given to the outermost div if the validateMethod returns false
    • nonValidMsg: The message that appears beneath the input when validateMethod returns false.
    • nonValidMsgClass: The class applied to the span containing the nonValidMsg
    • alignment: The string of either left or right. Determines how to align text inside the input field.
    • sideChars: An object determines if characters should be put directly to the left or right of the input.
    	left: "$",
    	right: "%"
    • filler: The character used for empty spots in the mask. Default is " ".
    • placeholder: The placeholder given to the input. If none is provided cpr-mask will use a mask with the filler prop characters.
    • disabled: disable the input

    Note: The validateMethod dependant classes apply only if the input has been blurred once.

    The simplified html is like this

    <div className={`${props.className} ${props.invalidClass}`}>
    		<input className={props.inputClass} style={{textAlign: props.alignment}}/>
    	<span className={props.nonValidMsgClass}>{props.nonValidMsg}</span>

    Cpr-mask interaction

    The two available ways to get the non-masked value out of cpr-mask are onChange and onBlur. These functions can be provided by props and will be given the non-masked value on invocation.


    npm i cpr-mask

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