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Cozy-Tree provides two tree structures used by Cozy application

{DataTreeTree} = require('cozy-tree')
= new Tree()


JS object with some feature to add easily properties from a string representation. JS object with properties like this :

all: todo: {} recipe: dessert: brownie: {}

could be created with this code : tree = new Tree tree.addNode "todo" tree.addNode "recipe/dessert/brownie"


The aim of this class is to have a representation of the tree on server side. The structure is close to what expect jstree on client side so that a simple serialization can send the tree to the client . All manipulations of the TreeData - creation renaming move delete update - are done through the manipulation of Note Structure of the tree : nodes : {"id_1":node_1, ... ,"id_n":node_n} hash table of all node. Ids are the same as notes ids. If you want to access to the node corresponding to a note : node = nodes[note_id] root : ref to the root node. Initialised with the node "All" Structure of a node : _parent : parentNode reference _id : children : [] data : note.title => "data" corresponds to jstree requirements attr : {}

About Cozy

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