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Cozy CLIs

At Cozy we spent most of our time in the command line. It's the most efficient tool we use: it makes us more productive and it's super hackable. So, that sounds logical to provide a Command Line Interface to Cozy.

Cozy-clis allows you to manage your Personal Cloud from the terminal. Enjoy using it through your favorite alias. Perform automatic and batch action on your data with bash scripts!



npm install cozy-clis -g

Add a configuration file located there ~/.cozy-config.json and fill it like this:

{ "url": "mycozyurl", "password": "mycozypassword"}

Do not put a trailing slash at the end of the url.



List upcoming events

 cozy-clis calendar upcoming

Create new events

 cozy-clis calendar create 2013-12-25T14:00:00Z 2013-12-25T18:00:00Z xmas


List all your contact names

cozy-clis contacts list

Display details for a contact

cozy-clis contacts <contact_name>


List all files stored in your Files app:

cozy-clis files list

Download given file from your Files app:

cozy-clis download <file_name>

Upload given file to the root of your Files app:

cozy-clis upload <file_name>


List task from a todo list:

cozy-clis todos list <list_name>

Create and check tasks in a list:

cozy-clis todos create <list_name> <task>
cozy-clis todos check <list_name> <index>


Create a new bookmark in the Bookmark app

cozy-clis bookmarks create <link> [--tags=<tags>]

PFM (banks)

Display your accounts:

cozy-cli pfm accounts

Display your bank operations for given account:

cozy-cli pfm operations <account_number>

Display your expense to plot them:

cozy-cli pfm expense <account_number>


Get list of installed applications:

cozy-clis home applications list

Basic options

cozy-clis -h | --help | --version