At Cozy we spent most of our time in the command line. It's the most efficient tool we use: it makes us more productive and it's super hackable. So, that sounds logical to provide a Command Line Interface to Cozy.

Collection of Command Line Interfaces to manage your Cozy applications from the command line.

npm install cozy-clis -g

List all files stored in your Files app:

cozy-clis files list

Download given file from your Files app:

cozy-clis download <file_name>

Upload given file to the root of your Files app:

cozy-clis upload <file_name>

List all your contact names

cozy-clis contacts list

Display details for a contact

cozy-clis contacts <contact_name>

List task from a todo list:

cozy-clis todos list <list_name>

Create and check tasks in a list:

cozy-clis todos create <list_name> <task>
cozy-clis todos check <list_name> <index>

Create a new bookmark in the Bookmark app

cozy-clis bookmarks create <link> [--tags=<tags>]

Get list of installed applications:

cozy-clis home applications list
cozy-clis -h | --help | --version