Calendars manager application with embedded database.

Cozy Calendar

Cozy Calendar makes your event management easy. This a standalone version that don't require the whole Cozy platform. Main features are:

  • Simple UI
  • Event tagging <<<<<<< HEAD
  • Event sharing (via email) (fix on the way)
  • ICal import (fix on the way) =======
  • Event sharing (via email)
  • ICal import
  • CalDAV sync (require Cozy Sync)


npm install cozy-calendar -g

Run it from anywhere, data will be stored in the ~/.cozy-calendarfolder:


You can contribute to the Cozy Calendar in many ways:

  • Translate it in a new language.
  • Allow to share calendars via ICal feeds.
  • Allow to subscribe to a CalDAV Calendar.

Get sources:

git clone

Run it with:

npm start

Each modification of the server requires a new build, here is how to run a build:

cake build

Each modification of the client requires a specific build too.

cd client
brunch build

To run tests type the following command into the Cozy Calendar folder:

cake tests

In order to run the tests, you must only have the Data System started.

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Cozy Calendar is developed by Cozy Cloud and distributed under the AGPL v3 license.

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