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Placing the Underscore project into the Global Namespace.

Why Coughy? Well, CoffeeScript gives JavaScript a much more palatable syntax. Of course, each of your projects include the lovely [[][Underscore]] library, however, pre-pending =_.= makes your code look crummy.

Coughy is quite wrong in that it places the Underscore library into the global name space. /WHAT!?/ Yes. Just look at this beautiful code:

+BEGIN_SRC coffee

Sum the squares that are less than 25... right, it is 30.

reduce( map( range(5), (x) -> x * x ), (total, cur) -> total + cur )


Why do this? This certainly isn't for everyone, or every project, but for working on [[][Project Euler]], or teaching programming concepts, this seems like an acceptable solution.

** Installation

As usual, you can take advantage of this project by adding this to your normal Node-related project:


npm install coughy


Now, you can create scripts that use those functions directly:




Note: You do not need to assign the results of the coughy module *because , it is already placed in the global namespace.

** REPL Sweetness

By using the [[][Nesh project]], we can make pre-load /coughy/ in order to make a better REPL:


npm install -g nesh


Then, create a Shell function like this:


nesh --lang coffee --eval 'node_modules/coughy/coughy.js'


Where =coughy.js= needs to be the filename to the magic script that provides this pleasing abomination.

** Futures

Think of this... An even more functional approach to development is with something like the immutable data structures available from [[][Mori]] ... However, since Mori's functions overlap with Underscore (but seem to be more general), I may just swap it.