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Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

$ couchviews dump http://username:password@ ./database/

When it comes to unit testing your CouchDB application, you often need to setup a clean database for each test case. The only thing you need to do after setup is importing all views – use couchviews to do this.


$ npm install -g couchviews 


Use dump to store your views into a directory and push to load them into your database again.

$ couchviews dump <couchdb> <dir>
$ couchviews push <couchdb> <dir> 


$ couchviews dump http://username:password@ ./database/
$ couchviews push http://username:password@ ./database/

You can also use couchviews as a module in your own node projects.

var couchviews = require('couchviews');

var url = 'http://localhost:5984/db', path = 'db';

couchviews.dump(url, path, function (err, designDocs) {
  console.log('done, dumped: ', designDocs);

couchviews.push(url, path, function (err, designDocs) {
  console.log('done, pushed: ', designDocs);


Feel free to experiment and improve this code. There are some unit tests written with mocha and should. Just type npm test to run them. You'll need a local CouchDB instance to run tests.