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A LevelDOWN compliant backend built on top of Abstract-LevelDOWN using Apache CouchDB as the backend.


npm i -S couchdown


var levelup = require('levelup')
var CouchDown = require('couchdown')
var db = levelup('http://localhost:5894/db', {db: CouchDown})


This module passes authentication details via the auth section of the URL. This means if you're talking to a couch server over a public, non-encryped connection your auth details will be in the open. But why are you communicating over HTTP to a database on a public network anyway...

CouchDB and _rev

Using the batch operation can be hazardous!

If you are using the #batch operation, using valueEncoding: json and not setting wrapJSON: true in your constructor, using #batch requires some additional attention! Once you've put your document, you must #get the object again from the server to update the _rev property on the object. Failure to do so will result in all subsequent #put operations to fail with a document mis-match!

CouchDB and JSON

Since CouchDB is a JSON store, non-JSON values will be wrapped in a JSON object transparently for the user. This will add some additional overhead to #put and #del operations though since it will have to make a HEAD request to the server first to find out what the latest version of the document is before it can perform the operation. If you're looking for a very performant way to store non-JSON values, this is likely not the best solution for you.

JSON values, however, are by default, not wrapped. This means you will receive the _id and _rev keys when you #get objects out of the store. If you provide {wrapJSON: false} as an option when you're creating the levelup instance, your JSON will be wrapped by another JSON object, so your data will not be polluted.

CouchDB and utf16le or ucs2 encoded keys

There are two tests in encoding.spec.js that are marked {skip: true} -- one for keys that have keyEncoding: 'utf16le' and one for keys that have keyEncoding: 'ucs2'. Couch does not seem to like these encodings when you get to do an HTTP GET request, so they've been commented out.


Copyright © 2015 Scripto, Use under the Apache-2.0 license. See LICENSE for details


npm i couchdown

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