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Couchbase Admin

Couchbase cluster administrator is both a CLI and API for doing administrative tasks on Couchbase clusters.

The primary reason this project was born was the need to compare design documents between two clusters and upgrade a destination cluster. It evolved and the main features now are

  • Export/import design documents into/from a file.
  • Compare and apply differences to design documents between clusters/buckets or files.
  • Create/upgrade/remove views from design documents.
  • Copy/move documents between cluster/buckets.
  • Check document keys that (do or do not) match a set of prefixes.

The project includes an API as well as a CLI. It aims to provide an easy way to perform certain tasks usually required when deploying or upgrading a Couchbase database.


Installing the tool on your system

$ npm install -g couchbase-admin

Installing the module to use on your own project

$ npm install couchbase-admin --save


See the CLI reference.


See the API reference. Most API methods will return Promises using Bluebird implementation, please check the link for more information.