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A simple Node API for the couch _replicator database


A simple Node API for dealing with the couch _replicator database

You can fetch status for a database replication, get a replication doc, delete a replication doc, and put a replication doc.

const CouchReplicator = require('couch-replicator-api')
    , couchUrl        = ''
    , couchUser       = 'admin'
    , couchPass       = 'super$ecure'
    , db              = 'registry'
CouchReplicator.status(couchUrl, couchUser, couchPass, db, printStatus)
// also: 
//  - CouchReplicator.get(url, user, pass, db, callback) 
//  - CouchReplicator.del(url, user, pass, db, [rev, ] callback) 
//  - CouchReplicator.put(url, user, pass, db, doc, callback) 
function printStatus (err, data) {
  if (err)
    throw err
  console.log('status:', data)

Will print the replication status:

status: { pid: '<0.26018.0>',
  checkpointed_source_seq: 93275,
  continuous: true,
  doc_id: 'registry',
  doc_write_failures: 0,
  docs_read: 450,
  docs_written: 450,
  missing_revisions_found: 450,
  progress: 98,
  replication_id: 'cb249c0a32a9c3c289c29efbea91fd92+continuous',
  revisions_checked: 533,
  source: '',
  source_seq: 94787,
  started_on: 1391948768,
  target: 'registry',
  type: 'replication',
  updated_on: 1392021201 }

Alternatively you can use the CouchReplicator as a constructor and store the Couch URL, admin credentials and database id in the object to make calls even simpler:

const CouchReplicator = require('couch-replicator-api')
    , replicator = new CouchReplicator(
        , 'admin'
        , 'super$ecure'
        , 'registry'
replicator.status(function (err, data) {
  if (err)
    throw err
  console.log('status:', data)
// also: 
//  - replicator.get(callback) 
//  - replicator.del([rev, ] callback) 
//  - replicator.put(doc, callback) 

Get the status doc from CouchDB for this replication. The doc comes from /_active_tasks and has the type of 'replication' and 'target' of the db specified.

CouchReplicator.status(url, user, pass, db, callback)
// or on an existing CouchReplicator object: 

Gets the replication doc from /_replicator/.

CouchReplicator.get(url, user, pass, db, callback)
// or on an existing CouchReplicator object: 

Deletes the replication doc from /_replicator/?rev=revision, immediately stopping replication. Note that if rev is not supplied then a get() will be performed to look up the latest rev for this replication doc.

CouchReplicator.del(url, user, pass, db, [rev, ] callback)
// or on an existing CouchReplicator object: 
replicator.del([rev, ] callback)

Put a new replication doc at /_replicator/ as specified by the doc parameter.

CouchReplicator.put(url, user, pass, db, doc, callback)
// or on an existing CouchReplicator object: 
replicator.put(doc, callback)

Generally a replication doc should look something like this:

   "source": "",
   "target": "registry",
   "continuous": true,
   "user_ctx": {
       "name": "adminuser",
       "roles": [

See this gist for details about the _replicator database.

node-couch-replicator-api is Copyright (c) 2014 Rod Vagg @rvagg and licenced under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included LICENSE file for more details.