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    A promise-based wrapper around CouchDB. CouchPromised does not aim to be a full- featured CouchDB client and instead aims to provide a minimal set of methods for some of the most common interactions.


    The package is available through npm and can be installed as usual:

    npm install --save couch-promised

    Once installed you can import the package into your script as usual:

    var CouchPromised = require('couch-promised');


    The CouchPromised variable above refers to a constructor function. You must create instance before you can interact with a database:

    var couch = new CouchPromised({
      host: '',   // Your CouchDB server. Defaults to
      port: 5984,            // Port of CouchDB server. Defaults to 5984.
      path: '/my-database',  // Path to a database stored on the CouchDB instance.


    As mentioned previously, CouchPromised does not attempt to cover all possible CouchDB functionality. At its heart is the request method, to which all other methods delegate. If you need more fine-grained control over a request you may find that method useful.

    get( id )

    Find an individual document by unique identifier:

    couch.get('my-doc-id').then(function ( doc ) {
      // 'doc' will be an object corresponding to the latest revision of the stored
      // document.

    fetch( ...ids )

    Find many documents by unique identifiers. Takes an array or alternatively any number of separate parameters:

    couch.fetch('my-doc-id-1', 'my-doc-id-2').then(function ( docs ) {
      // 'docs' will be an array of objects corresponding the the latest revisions
      // of the stored documents.

    insert( doc )

    Create a new document. If the provided object has an _id property that does not already exist in the database the new document will be created with that identifier. If a document already exists and the provided object doesn't have a valid _ref property an error will be thrown. The update method is better suited to that situation.

    couch.insert({ something: 1, another: 'x' }).then(function ( res ) {
      // 'res' will be an object with '_id' and '_rev' properties corresponding to
      // the newly stored document.

    update( doc )

    Update an existing document. The provided object must have an _id property that corresponds to a stored document and a _rev property that matches the latest revision of that stored document.

    couch.update({ _id: 'my-doc-id', _rev: 1 }).then(function ( res ) {
      // 'res' will be an object with '_id' and '_rev' properties corresponding to
      // the updated document.

    destroy( doc )

    Delete an existing document. The provided object must have an _id property that corresponds to a stored document and a _rev property that matches the latest revision of that stored document.

    couch.destroy({ _id: 'my-doc-id', _rev: 1 }).then(function ( res ) {
      // 'res' will be an object with '_id' and '_rev' properties corresponding to
      // the deleted document.

    view( designDocument , viewName [, viewParameters ] )

    Query a database view. Requires the name of a design document and the name of a view within that document. Optionally also takes a map of view parameters to their values. The parameters object can contain any of the parameters a CouchDB view normally accepts. It is converted to a querystring and appended to the request URL.

    couch.view('a-design', 'a-view', { key: 'some-key' }).then(function ( rows ) {
      // 'rows' will be an array of rows returned by the view. Note that the rows
      // are not documents themselves but may have a 'doc' property if e.g. the
      // 'include_docs' parameter was included.

    viewDocs( designDocument , viewName [, viewParameters ] )

    Query a database view and return the document associated with each result. This is effectively sugar around a call to view with the include_docs parameter set.

    couch.viewDocs('a-design', 'a-view').then(function ( docs ) {
      // 'docs' will be an array of documents associated with the rows returned by
      // the view.

    bulk( docs )

    Perform a bulk insert or update of documents. Requires an array of documents. Any element of that array with an _id property that corresponds to a document already stored in the database must also have the correct _rev property.

    couch.bulk([ { x: 1 }, { y: 2 } ]).then(function ( res ) {
      // 'res' will be an array of objects with '_id' and '_rev' properties
      // corresponding to the inserted or updated document.

    request( method , path [, body ] )

    Send an HTTP request to the CouchDB database. Requires an HTTP method and a URL path. Optionally also takes an object representing the request body.

    couch.request('GET', '/my-doc-id').then(function ( res ) {
      // 'res' will be an object representing the raw HTTP response from CouchDB.
      // The other CouchPromised methods take that response and resolve with the
      // relevant data from within it.




    npm i couch-promised

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