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couch-init Build Status

Couch-Init is a nifty way to specify your couchdb database and views. CI adds some api methods to simplify your setup and tear down db process.


npm install couch-init


Create a db.js file and create your module

var async = require('async');
module.exports = function(dbUrl) {
  var init = require('couch-init')(dbUrl);
  return {
    build: function(cb) {
      var fn = async.apply;
        fn(createViews, 'post', ['author', 'title']),
        fn(addView, 'post', 'author-title', function(doc){
          if (doc.docType === 'post') {
            emit( + ':' + doc.title.split(' ').join('-'));
        fn(createViews, 'user', ['email'])
      ], cb);
    drop: init.destroyDb;




createDb and destroyDb are pretty self explanatory, each function takes an optional callback and creates and destroys a couchDb database respectively.

`createViews(model, fields, callback)

createView takes a single model name and an array of key columns with a callback to create a view for a document type.

The design doc name is the plural version of the model name and it creates a basic view called all that filters on the docType key equal to the model name.

then any key listed in the array of fields, CI creates a view for each one. For example:

init.createViews('post', ['author','slug','posted'], function(err, res) {
  console.log('created design document called posts');
  console.log('it has four views');
  console.log('all, author, slug, posted');

Each view basically defines which field will be emitted as the key of a key value result.

addView(model, view, fn, callback)

Adds a view for a specified model to the design document for that model.

init.addView('post', 'author-title', 
  function(doc) {
    if (doc.docType === 'post') {
      emit( + ':' + doc.title, doc);
  function(err) {
    console.log('add view called author:title');
    console.log('to posts design doc');




pull requests are welcome.


destroyViews(model, callback)

Removes the specified design doc based on the plural version of the model name.

init.detroyViews('post', function(err) { 
  console.log('removes design document posts');

removeView(model, view, callback)

Removes the specified view from the design doc of the model.

init.removeView('post', 'author-title', function(err) {
  console.log('removed view author-title from posts doc');