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Cosmos Command

Command line tool for:

  1. rapid prototyping Meteor apps
  2. running them as a separate process or installing as a service
  3. deploying them to owned servers (not


$ npm install -g cosmos


Cosmos has 'commands' similar to npm.

$ cosmos <command> [options]


Status Subcommand Readme?
Working install No
Working uninstall No
Progressing create Started
Working add No
Working remove No
Future start No
Future stop No
Future status No
Future bundle No
Future deploy No
Future service No
Future help No
Future solidify No
Future console No


Cosmos command wraps some of Meteor's own commands and does either some pre-process or post-process work. It smartens up operations by doing obvious things for the user instead of printing an annoying message, like 'meteor command not found'... it installs Meteor instead.

Some things Cosmos command will do:

  1. install Meteor: why remember the install script url? I prefer using cosmos install
  2. uninstall Meteor: sometimes we have to remove things from a computer
  3. app creator (including multiple component apps with microservices)
  4. package controller (mostly for cosmos packages)
  5. app runner (handles config variables for startup and more)
  6. bundler
  7. app code generator (make contexts/actions, settings files)
  8. deploy bundle to another server
  9. receive deploy bundle from another server
  10. as a process manager to install sysinitv/systemd/upstart to run app
  11. convert app from a Cosmos dynamic system to a solid app ready for production