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Ever wanted to create a static site while taking advantage of all the amazing things that are available within the JavaScript universe? Then you're at the right place!

Cory combines clean, logic-less handlebars templates and markdown files with a straightforward development workflow and allows you to set up a new site in a few seconds.


Install it

$ npm install -g cory

Run it

$ cory [options] [command]

Theres a list of all options and commands below. For a step-by-step guide, check this out.


Uninstall cory if it's already installed

$ npm uninstall -g cory

Clone this repository

$ git clone
$ cd cory

Link it app to the global module directory

$ npm link

Yeeha! 🐴 Now you can use the gulp command within the repository to transpile the its sourcefiles and watch for changes. While the command is running, you're able to use the cory command everywhere!


Name Description
serve If the current directory contains a site, it will serve it on the specified in port. See config for default value.
build Builds your site in the outputDir directory.
init Creates a new site and places it in the current folder. The app won't allow you to use this command within the template directory of this project, since it would overwrite all files.
clean Remove the generated output and all temporary files completely.
help Output usage information.

CLI options

Usage Description
-h, --help Output all commands and options.
-v, --version Output the version of the cory instance on your device.
-p, --port <port> The port on which your site will be available.
-w, --watch Rebuild site if files change (can be used with build or serve)


There are a few properties that can be changed by simply adding them to a config.json file within your project. The JSON object below shows all available options and their default value:

  "port": 4000, // See option "--port" (CLI option will overwrite this) 
  "outputDir": "dist", // Path of the directory that will contain the generated site 
  "sourceMaps": true, // Enable/disable the generation of sourcemaps for assets 
  "defaultLayout": "main", // The default template into which all pages will be wrapped 
  "assetDir": "assets" // Default name of the folder that contains the assets