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Cortex Search Server

Cortex Search Site.


Clone the project from git:

git clone

Go to the project and start the server:

npm install
npm run start

Rest APIs


Get package information of a package with name and version, version is optional.


Search packages with criterias.

Query Parameters

  • q: search by words, which the words will contains in name, description and keywords; words are separete by space
  • keyword: search packages by keywords
  • name: search packages by name
  • author: search packages by author's name
  • skip: number of results will be skiped (As the search is handle by couchdb view/list, skip is not efficient as other search engine, so be carefull about skip, a big number of skip will have performance issue)
  • limit: max length of results that return


If the packages(doc count in couchdb/registry) exceeds 10000+, it may has problem in search performance. Elasticsearch and standalone sever may require for search server.


(The MIT License)