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Handlebar helpers for cortex template.


Handlebar helpers for cortex template.

$ npm install cortex-handlebars-compiler --save
var compiler = require('cortex-handlebars-compiler');

Returns the compiler.Compiler instance.

A single compiler instance only cares about one template file.

  • options Object
    • pkg Object object of cortex.json
    • shrinkWrap Object object of cortex-shrinkwrap.json
    • cwd path the root directories of current project.
    • path path path of the current template file
    • href_root url the url base of the hyper reference, 'efte://efte' for example.
  • template String template string

Parses the template string and returns function(data) the parsed function.


{{{facade 'a@1.0.0'}}}

Then you will get: (which is beautified)

<script src="../../../neuron/5.1.0/neuron.min.js"></script>
  ranges: tree
  path: "../../../"
  • helper String the name of the helper
  • handler function(title, helper_options) see handlebars for details

Registers a new helper handler.

Returns this.

The first 'facade' will also output the engines and configurations.

Creates a special link to navigate through business units

Relative links: ./page.html

External link to other units: <unit-name>/path/to.html

  If the current unit is 'foo', 
  and the current template is 'template/a.html'
<a href="{{{href './b.html'}}}" >link</a>
<a href="{{{href 'bar/folder/index.html'}}}">external link</a>

You will get:

<a href="efte://efte/foo/template/a.html">link</a>
<a href="efte://efte/bar/folder/index.html">external link</a>