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    This repository contains a cornerstone image loader that produces test images client side. This is really useful for supporting development activities and examples as no server is required.

    WARNING: This image loader base 64 encodes the pixel data so cornerstone can view images without requiring a server (for development and example use cases). A better option that base 64 encoding your pixel data is to serve up the DICOM P10 via HTTP server and load it using the cornerstoneWADOImageLoader

    View the examples for this repository here

    Image Loaders


    Produces MRI Head images:

    • example://1 - MRI head image #1 (coronal)
    • example://2 - MRI head image #2 (coronal)


    Produces CT chest image:

    • ctexample://1 - CT chest image


    Generates a 256x256 image with the specified string printed into the image:

    • string://1 - Generates a 256x256 image with the string "1" rendered inside of it
    • string://hello world - Generates a 256x256 image with the string "hello world" rendered inside of it


    Generates a 256x256 image with a grayscale ramp based on the specified parameters (comma separated):

    • parameter 0 = width (default 256)

    • parameter 1 = height (default 256)

    • parameter 2 = bitsStored (default 8)

    • parameter 3 = columnPixelSpacing (default 1.0)

    • parameter 5 = rowPixelSpacing (default 1.0)

    • parameter 6 = slope (default 1.0)

    • parameter 7 = intercept (default 0.0)

    • ramp://256,256,8 - Generates a 256x256x1 image with a grayscale ramp covering 0-255 values

    • ramp://256,256,10 - Generates a 256x256x2 image with a grayscale ramp covering 0-1023 values

    • ramp://256,256,16 - Generates a 256x256x2 image with a grayscale ramp covering 0-65535 values

    • ramp://512,512,16,0.5,0.5,1.0,-1024 - Generates a 512x512x2 image with a grayscale ramp covering 0-65535 values and pixel spacing 0.5/0.5, slope = 1.0, intercept -1024

    Build System

    This project uses grunt to build the software.


    NodeJs - click to visit web site for installation instructions.


    npm install -g grunt-cli


    npm install -g bower

    Common Tasks

    Update dependencies (after each pull):

    npm install

    bower install

    Running the build:


    Automatically running the build and unit tests after each source change:

    grunt watch

    The build will generate the library output in /dist and the output for the live examples in ../cornerstone-test-image-loader-build. The example output is committed to the gh-pages branch so it can be viewed properly in github pages


    npm i cornerstone-test-image-loader

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