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Corifeus Web Material - Amazing

This is an open source project. Just code.

Node Version Requirement


Built on Node


The async and await keywords are required.

Install NodeJs:


Corifeus Web Material.


There is in uglifyjs or cssminify is making it not working with this repo, right now it is using the ---cory-verbose build (which removes the compression - uglifys and cssminfier).


For now in beta, uses @angular/cdk, required.

  • Component

    • Loading
    • Http 404
    • Theme menu button
    • Translation menu button
  • Themes

    • Corifeus light
    • Corifeus dark
    • Pink blue-gray
    • Purple green
    • Deep-purple Amber
    • Indigo pink
  • Services

    • Notify
    • Themes

Dev info

Contrast color

.test {
  color: mat-color($button-primary, 900-contrast)

ElementRef Material

The default @ViewChild is not ElementcorifeuRef with Material. Need to use like:

@ViewChild('elementButton', {read: ElementRef}) elementButton : ElementRef;

Queue task

  • Override console.error as a Notify error


monochromatic, analogous, complementary, tradic

CORIFEUS-WEB-MATERIAL Build v4.4.115-212

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