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Corifeus Builder Angular - Prototype v5.2.26-302

This is an open source project. Just code. If you like this code, please add a star in GitHub and you really like, you can donate as well. Thanks you so much!

Given, I have my own server, with dynamic IP address, it could happen that the server for about max 5 minutes can not be reachable for the dynamic DNS or very rarely I backup with Clonzilla the SSD or something with the electricity (too much hoovering or cleaning - but I worked on it, so should not happen again), but for some reason, it is not reachable please hang on for 5-30 minutes and it will be back for sure.

All my domains ( and could have errors right now, since I am developing in my free time and you can catch glitches, but usually it is stable (imagine updating everything always, which is weird).

Node Version Requirement


Built on Node


The async and await keywords are required.

Install NodeJs:

Built on Angular



See Skeleton files.

The Angular TypeScript builder (extra packages). It includes required packages for building (SCSS / TypeScript / CSS / JSON).

Works JIT, AOT and even AOT + JIT at once out of the box. You can add p3x-angular-compile to your modules to free from creating components.


For now a new TypeScript breaking update for RXJS, so I have to add this settings:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "noStrictGenericChecks": true


See tasks.

The corifeus-builder using it as a composite.

Linked NPM

Just delete the node_modules directories from the linked modules.


--cory-run-aot          - for running it uses AOT instead of AOT
--cory-loader-off       - disable loader 
--cory-verbose          - disable uglify
--cory-webpack-target   - set the webpack target type (web, electron)

Increase speed download

Use gzip (like 2.5MB vs 600KB).

Modules undefined

Need to use exact classes for export instead of
export * from './something',
so use
export { Something } form './something'

Example pages

Tree shaking

  • Always use exact import (instead of export * etc...)
  • Typescript @Types often load everything, sometimes exact require is smaller bundle, only pure TypeScript can do it or ES2015 programs
  • Externals might be good: (external)
  • For pure JavaScript, types are bigger when they load everything, require for exact functions is better


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