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Core PEGjs Build Status

A collection of core PEGjs grammars (IETF, ISO, etc.)

Wherever there are ABNF specifications, the ABNF rules MUST simply ported to PEGjs without any semantic modification.

This is part of a bigger effort: for-GET HTTP.


The PEGs part of this library MUST have no actions (code), in order to make them reusable, outside the context in which they are used. Code and semantic output is to be implemented by libraries that reuse the syntax in these PEGs, thanks to the overrideAction PEGjs plugin.

An example of such libraries is API-PEGjs.


PEGjs doesn't allow for composability (referencing other grammars).

This library makes use of an @append marker/instruction to concatenate multiple grammars into one, before publishing.

This is a workaround. As soon as is closed, you can expect a breaking change, if the situation so needs.


Apache 2.0